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Pets Help Center

  • When you are Incorporated in India?
    We are incorporated on 27th September 2023 in the Name of KRP Tech Solutions OPC Private Limited and Located on Flat 9C, 2nd Floor, Guruteg Bahadur Nagar, Kharar, Mohali, Punjab.
  • Are you providing DNA Records for Birds?
    Yes, We are providing the DNA Records for Exotic Birds except the Budgeriars. And Also we are providing DNA indetification cards on the owner name from 15 days of Purchase
  • Are you delivering Vaccinated Pets?
    Ofcourse, As per Animal welfare Board of India guidelines we are delivering Vaccinated dogs & Cats.
  • How much time will take to deliver the Orders from the Booking Date?
    We are Usually Ship within 2days and Delivering the Order within 7 Days of Order based on your request.
  • What all are Shipment Modes that you supported?
    We supported by road, By train, By Air
  • Is there any timeline for returning the Order?
    You can return the order within 7 days of delivery date and Incase if you are returning the Live pets without any defects/Issues, You will be charged 35% of Bill amount and Remaining will be refunded while the order is pickup from you end.
  • Are you providing the insurance for pets?
    Yes, Ofcourse we are providing the insurance for Dogs, Cats and Unfortunately Birds not applicable However we are in process add into it.
  • Where is your Office Located?
    Our Coporate and registered office is located on Mohali, Punjab and However we are servicing all the Cities of India.
  • What is your working time?
    Our working hours is 8AM-8PM all the days including Holidays.
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